Renting a home is for many people who have several properties an extra contribution of considerable income. However, renting a home requires work, time and legal knowledge. Therefore, more and more people are opting for our rental management service in Granada. If you are considering renting your home, here are the first requirements to carry it out legally.

Rent my apartment: The first steps to rent a home

The Urban Leasing Law (LAU) has a series of terms and requirements for the activity of renting a home to be a legal process. The first ones will be available in the necessary documents, which is less than those required in the decommissioning, and easier to manage if you also have the help of a professional real estate advisor.

What is the certificate of habitability?

Certificate of habitability is the document that guarantees that the habitable conditions of the home are adequate for a tenant to enter to live in it. So this is one of the first documents necessary to legally rent a home.

However, it will not always be necessary to present it, although it will be necessary to have it located and verify that it is still valid. Normally they are valid for 15 years, but it is always advisable to check it before renting the house.

In case of having to renew it or issue it for the first time, it will have to be done at the town hall of the municipality. Although in most cases it can also be managed online on the council’s website.

Energy efficiency certificate to rent a home.

Since 2013, it is mandatory that all homes that are going to be rented have their energy label. So if you need to know ‘how to rent my home’, you will need to hire professional technicians who issue the corresponding energy efficiency certificate. This may be accompanied by the letter A, G, with A corresponding to the highest degree of energy efficiency and G to the lowest efficiency. In any case, what is valued is the amount of CO2 that the floor emits into the atmosphere and is valid for 10 years.

The rental agreement

After having the necessary prior paperwork to start renting a home, it is necessary to put in place the essential document for your rental. That’s right, we’re talking about the lease. This must be written in accordance with the Urban Leasing Law, and be understandable in a simple and clear way. And it should include the rights and obligations of both parties to the contract, as well as the points agreed by the parties before signing. This way, everything will be clearer, putting aside possible misunderstandings and avoiding legal problems.

In the rental contract, the information and identification of the owner and tenants, the address of the property, rent, duration of the contract and everything that is needed to have a secure rental must be established.

We also advise that the inventory with all the assets that the property had at the time of rental appears in the lease. This will make it much easier to check the house when the rental ends.

Finally, remember that when formalizing the lease, a monthly payment will be made, or the appropriate deposit, which the owner must deposit in the corresponding agency. Once the contract is finished, if the house is in the same condition as when it was rented and no amount is owed, this amount will have to be returned to the tenant.

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